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Trottinghamshire Bronies March (31th) Meetup

  • the Orange tree 38 Shakespeare Street Nottingham, England, NG1 4FQ United Kingdom (map)

This month’s Trottinghamshire Brony meet-up is hosted at The Orange Tree pub on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham at 12:00 PM on the March 31th

This time round the we are going to use the Disco Room, as we aim to show episodes of the new season of MLP. We can't stream episodes, as the room has poor wifi and we would have to book it for after 6 pm and we would have to cost us money to do so. So instead we are going ask to The Orange Tree if it's OK show some digital downloads of the episodes that have been already out. 

The Disco Room also has adequate table space for the people who enjoy playing card games during these meets, so people can still play TSSSF, Tails of Equestria and MLP CCG at the meetup. The Orange Tree is also close to the Victoria Shopping Centre, so if anyone wants to do some shopping during the meet, you won't have far to look.

Also feel free to join the group's Telegram Channel or Discord Servers

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