6 Year Anniversary

Trottinghamshire Bronies 6 Year Anniversary Meetup and (Custom TSSSF Cards) Suggestion Box.

On 18 of July 2012 the Trottinghamshire Bronies Group was created, and is still going strong. For our 6 Year Anniversary we want to do something special.  We have done small events before and we could book a couple of rooms at The Orange Tree Pub in Nottingham. However but we still need ideas for things to do. For some ideas have a look at our Meetup News part of our site. We have done events like a Computer Games Tournament, Christmas Meetup, and a meetup for the My Little Pony: The Movie.

Keep in mind that we have only a small group of organisers, so we are not going to be able to do something the size of the South Coast Bronies (SCB) 5 Year Anniversary. Even if we had the numbers to organise something that size, it would also depend on if we could afford it. 

Also the idea of doing some Custom TSSSF Cards for certain members of the group, (I’m looking at you Vectored Thrust and Skybound) so ideas on that will be just as helpful. Also if any artists want to make and sell them at the 5 Year Anniversary that would be allowed, but designs of the cards would be vetted by the Groups Admins first.