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The Home of meet-ups and community events for Bronies in Nottinghamshire.

Hi There!

Welcome to the Trottingham Bronies, a Brony meetup group based in Nottingham, but covering the entire Nottinghamshire and Part of Derbyshire Counties. 

We are, however, open to anypony coming along, no matter how far away you are; with some of our members regularly coming from as far as Yorkshire and Somerset. We’re a friendly bunch and we love making new members and friends.

Most of our meet-ups start at the Orange Tree, where we ordinarily play some card games, Pen and Paper RPG games or just catch up and have a chat. Sometimes we go to the [ALT] Gaming Bar, where we play video-games. We are also welcoming to other ideas if they are offered.

On average most of our meet-ups have a turnout of 15 to 20 attendees. The date of each meet-up is decided via a monthly poll, which will be posted on our Facebook page and this blog.

We hope you’ll come along to one of our meets. They are a great way to meet all types of great people and with our monthly schedules that are decided by most popular date of each month, there’s no reason not to stop by and enjoy yourself!

If you’re interested in attending one of our events, visit our Facebook and Twitter pages or join our Discord Server!


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Any donations received will go towards the hosting for the webpage so that we can keep this page up and running. Currently this page is independently funded by Matthew Bailey, but if you wish to help out with the costs, the donation button below will go towards a fund for the yearly renewal of the software and domain. 

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