Trottinghamshire Bronies now have a new website 🌐.

Good News everyone!

Both me and GloomyJD have finished moving the Trottinghamshire Bronies website to WordPress from Squarespace. This is mostly because the cost was too high to be sustainable, but also because the Squarespace site was inaccessible on the meetup weekend.

Fortunately, this was after the meetup had started, but I wasn’t best pleased about this, especially considering the 16$ per month it was costing me to run the website.

I have wanted to move the website for ages because you have to pay extra to have more than one user (e.g proof-reader account) with access to website with Squarespace. There is also cheaper webhosting out there that is just as good. This situation just gave me the perfect reason to move the website.

If there are any problems at all with the new website send a message to me (@Starlight Flux) or @GloomyJD on the Trottinghamshire Bronies or GBronies Meetup Group discord servers.

UK Pony Con 2018 Pre/Breakfast/After Meets

As UK Pony Con is being held in Nottingham this year (on the Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018) I thought it would be good idea to hold Pre/After/Breakfast Meets for anyone going to the convention.

The plan for the Pre/After Meets  would be to meetup at The Orange Tree as this is less than 5 minutes from the Nottingham Conference Centre where the convention venue is, and we have a good relationship with them. They have in the past even made a special My Little Pony themed dessert for us.

However depending on the time we hold the pre/after meets, booking a room may involve a cost of about 5£ per person, . We need to know more details about UK Pony Con schedule before we know if there will be a cost a for sure, the but I would want to make sure people are ok with that first.

For the Breakfast Meet we will have to have a different venue as the The Orange Tree isn’t open until 12 pm. So most likely we will meetup at the Old Market Square next to the lions and find a starbucks or other coffee shop. 

In order to work out if it is worthwhile for our group to hold Pre/After/Breakfast Meets, and help us work out the number of people that will turn up, we have a quick poll for people to fill in. This way I can give them a ball park figure of how many people are coming, and possibly book out one of the back rooms.


30th Of September Meetup

The Poll for the next Meetup is now closed. The 30th of September was the winning date by a large margin. This should also give people plenty of time to plan for this meetup. 

This time round the plan is to meetup at 12 pm around the [ALT] Gaming Lounge, to catch up with members of the group (I’m sure some of us will have lots to talk about), and play games (including card games).

The ALT bar serves delicious food and drinks and they have been accommodating enough to treat us most excellently during our meet-up events, so if you can, please do buy things at the bar.

If you have any ideas’s or suggestion’s for this or future meetups feel free to mention them on our Group’s Facebook Page or Trottinghamshire Discord Server.


Poll Result


Poll Result.png