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Virtual (Online) Meetup Due to COVID-19 [May the 16th]

May 16, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm BST

The voting for the May Trottinghamshire Meetup is now closed and the date picked for the next virtual meetup is 16th of May.

Our last virtual meetup in April was rather successful, with about 6 people on call for a total over 14 hours. Some of the time was spent playing Pony Town, Jackbox, Cards Against Equestria. The rest of the time was spent just catching up_, and watching_pony videos* (or just random videos from the internet).

Because of this, the plan is to run another Virtual Meetup in May by having an audio call in our Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server, between 12 pm and 5 pm (-ish), and keep the overall schedule as light as possible. This way people can decide what they want to do it on the day. So we can run the Virtual Meetup, Audio Channels have now been added to in the Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server to help coordinate playing games online and socialising (Canterlot , Ponyville ,Cloudsdale , and Trottingham ).

Results of the voting for May’s Meetup Date


Tabletop Simulator MLP CGG workshop mod link

Tabletop Simulator TSSSF workshop mod link

Setting Up Tabletop Simulator For MLP CCG (r/MLPCCG)

Pony Town


Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server


May 16, 2020
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm BST