UK Brony Meetups and Conventions


Active Brony Groups and Conventions

This page has Active brony sites, groups , meets and conventions in the UK for 2018. If you know of any other active groups please let us know via Telegram Or Discord. 

If there is any missing groups please contact us via our Telegram Or Discord. 

Other Brony Groups In the UK

Bronies UK | Telegram Group | Facebook Group

Uk Of Equestria | Website  |  Discord Group

Leicester Bronies | Website  |  Discord Group

severnbronies | Website

South Coast Bronies (SCB) | FACEBOOK GROUP

Upcoming Conventions

GRIFFISH ISLES | website facebook  

(One day convention on the May 19th 2018 at St Thomas Centre and Powerleague Football Function Room )

Advertised as a new UK Pony Convention, this is running May 19th 2018 in Manchester UK. They have a website and a facebook site.