Trottinghamshire Christmas Meetup (11th of Dec 2022) @ Multiple Venues [Dunkin Donuts ➤ Christmas Market ➤ The Playwright Nº 38].

The voting for the next Trottinghamshire Meetup is now closed, and we have a confirmed booking at The Playwright Nº 38 for the 11th of December. However, the plan for this meetup is slightly different from our normal meetup (See Below). To see the details behind why this date was picked see the blog post on the results for the Christmas meetup.

Meetup agenda & Venues

The plan for the Christmas Meetup is to start at 11:30 AM meeting up at the Christmas Tree next to the Dunkin Donuts inside the Exchange Arcade (See Map Below). Then at about 12:00 PM we will be heading off to look around the Nottingham Christmas Market.

The market will be located around the old market square (See Map Below), offering a chance for some last minute Christmas shopping. The market will have stalls selling gifts, crafts and food. For details on what’s to offer please check the Visit Nottinghamshire website.

After spending time at the market, we then plan head off to The Playwright Nº 38 at 1:45 PM, hopefully arriving there by 2:00 PM, and staying there until 6 PM.

We have a booking for 2 PM to 6 PM (but we do some times stay later than 6 PM). The The Playwright has adequate table space for people to play card and board games. Some of the games we have played in the past are:

  • TSSSF (Twilight Sparkles’ Secret Shipfic Folder)
  • Tails of Equestria (a Pen and Paper RPG)
  • MLP CCG at the meetup.
  • Uno (Including the Wild Card Version)

If playing tabletop games is not your thing, there will be plenty of people at the meetup with who you can just hang out and socialise.

Dunkin Donuts @ Exchange Arcade [View on a bigger map]

Old Market Square [View on bigger map]

Playwright [View on a bigger map]

Nottingham Christmas Market.

December 10th (2022) Meetup Confirmation

The voting for the date of the December meetup is now closed, and the date has been chosen. The date was picked due to it being the most popular day, and the day that gives people the most notice.

The Christmas meetup will be held on the Saturday 10th of December. The details of this meetup, and the 20th November meetup will be posted in the event section of our website at a later date.

December Results

The 3rd of December0505
The 10th of December1506
The 17th of December0303

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Facebook had only vote, but it was duplicated by someone who voted twice on the same date so doesn’t count.

Trottinghamshire Christmas meetup

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This month’s Trottinghamshire Brony meet-up is hosted at The Orange Tree pub on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham.  After talking to them they said that the only day out of the two that were chosen that they could do was the 2nd of December

The meetup will start at our normal time of 12:00 pm and will be in the private room, so in order to help cover the £50 booking charge will cost a maximum of £5 per person, but this will be cheaper if more people come (Cost of meet = Booking fee / Attendees). Due to the fact that the side-room we originally wished to book was already taken, the meet-up will instead be taking place in their Disco Room, which should have enough space to host us all.

The Orange Tree also offers adequate table space for the people who enjoy playing card games during these meets. So people can still play TSSSF and MLP CCG at the meetup.

It is also close to the Victoria Shopping Centre, so if anyone wants to do some Christmas shopping during the meet, you won’t have far to look.

Also feel free to join the group’s Telegram Chanel or Discord Servers

The Orange Tree | Their website