UK Pony Con 2018 Pre/Breakfast/After Meets

As UK Pony Con is being held in Nottingham this year (on the Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th October 2018) I thought it would be good idea to hold Pre/After/Breakfast Meets for anyone going to the convention.

The plan for the Pre/After Meets  would be to meetup at The Orange Tree as this is less than 5 minutes from the Nottingham Conference Centre where the convention venue is, and we have a good relationship with them. They have in the past even made a special My Little Pony themed dessert for us.

However depending on the time we hold the pre/after meets, booking a room may involve a cost of about 5£ per person, . We need to know more details about UK Pony Con schedule before we know if there will be a cost a for sure, the but I would want to make sure people are ok with that first.

For the Breakfast Meet we will have to have a different venue as the The Orange Tree isn’t open until 12 pm. So most likely we will meetup at the Old Market Square next to the lions and find a starbucks or other coffee shop. 

In order to work out if it is worthwhile for our group to hold Pre/After/Breakfast Meets, and help us work out the number of people that will turn up, we have a quick poll for people to fill in. This way I can give them a ball park figure of how many people are coming, and possibly book out one of the back rooms.