Trottinghamshire Bonfire Night Mini-Meetup @ Forest Recreation Ground

On the suggestion of one of our members we are running a Bonfire Night Meetup like last year, but a shorter mini-meetup as it is a bit last minute. We are still running the normal meetup.

We will be meeting at 18:40 outside the Gates at Vivian Court, and then head over to the Forest Recreation Ground at 19:00. This is because it’s less likely to be crowded there than at Forest Recreation Ground.

There are two fireworks displays at 19:15 and 21:00 (the earlier display being a smaller one).The lighting of the biggest bonfire in the East Midlands will be at 19:45.

Also Don’t forget to wear suitable clothing for a cold and damp November evening, and feel free to contact me via Telegram or Discord Server if there is any confusion about the details of the mini-meetup. 

Nottingham’s best loved FREE Fireworks display is back at the Forest Recreation Ground.

Header Image by dalapony (Derpibooru link)

Useful Maps

Meetup Starting Place

Forest Recreation Ground