Trottinghamshire February Meetup (17/02/2024) @ The Playwright Nº 38

The plan for the 17th of February meetup will start at The Playwright Nº 38 pub on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham. To see why this date was picked, see the blog post on the results for the 27th January and the 17th of February Meetup voting.

We booked the Poets’ Corner, the back room near the pizza oven, between 12 PM and 6 PM. It has adequate table space for people to play cards and board games. Some of the games we have played in the past are:

  • TSSSF (Twilight Sparkles’ Secret Shipfic Folder)
  • Tails of Equestria (a Pen and Paper RPG)
  • MLP CCG at the meetup.
  • Uno (Including the Wild Card Version)

If playing tabletop games is not your thing, then there will be plenty of people at the meetup who you can hang out with and socialise. It is also close to the Victoria Shopping Centre, so if anyone wants to do some shopping during the meetup, you won’t have far to go.

Playwright [View on a bigger map]

Victoria Shopping Centre [View on a bigger map]

Useful Links

Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server

Trottinghamshire Bronies Telegram Group

Trottinghamshire Bronies now have a new website 🌐.

Good News everyone!

Both me and GloomyJD have finished moving the Trottinghamshire Bronies website to WordPress from Squarespace. This is mostly because the cost was too high to be sustainable, but also because the Squarespace site was inaccessible on the meetup weekend.

Fortunately, this was after the meetup had started, but I wasn’t best pleased about this, especially considering the 16$ per month it was costing me to run the website.

I have wanted to move the website for ages because you have to pay extra to have more than one user (e.g proof-reader account) with access to website with Squarespace. There is also cheaper webhosting out there that is just as good. This situation just gave me the perfect reason to move the website.

If there are any problems at all with the new website send a message to me (@Starlight Flux) or @GloomyJD on the Trottinghamshire Bronies or GBronies Meetup Group discord servers.