UK Pony Con 2019 Pre Meet @ The Dice Cup (11th of Oct)

UK Pony Con 2019 Pre Meet @ The Dice Cup (11th of Oct)

Over the last couple of months, a few of the Trottinghamshire Bronies regulars and I have been coming up with ideas for the UK Pony Con (UKPC) Pre/After Meetups. After contacting multiple venues, I can finally confirm the details of the Pre Meetup and After Meetup. This year, because of venue availability, we are holding the Pre Meetup and After Meetup at different places.

To find more infomation about the After Meet venue (The Johnson Arms) and the quickest way to get there from the UKPC Venue, please check the UKPC After Meet Event Page

The Pre Meet

For the Pre Meetup on Friday the 11th, we have been able to guarantee 5 tables for 25 people at the Dice Cup. It costs 1£ for entry, and I'm planing on bringing BUCK Legacy, MLP:FIM CCG and TSSSF for event attendees to play.

We have the tables booked for 7 pm, until 11 pm. This is so people can get food before hand if they want to, and also can drop their bags off at their hotels.

Directions To The Dice Cup From UKPC Venue. Bigger Map

The Venue

The Dice Cup is a board game Cafe and Comic book shop next to the Victoria Bus Station, about 6 minutes away from the UKPC Venue.

They serve drinks and snacks, including paninis. They also have card sleeves and deck boxes, which maybe useful for anyone taking part in any MLP:FIM CCG tournament at UKPC.