Poll for Date of Trottinghamshire Bronies July Meetup/Picnic

It’s that time again, when we need to plan the next meetup. This time around, the plan is to go to The Arboretum park, just off the University of Nottingham central campus for a picnic – weather permitting.  Just in case the weather is poor, we will start the meetup at the [ALT] Gaming Lounge, and then go the Arboretum once everyone has turned up. Facebook and Discord updates will be provided throughout the day so that if anyone is joining us after we have left the [ALT] Lounge, they will be able to track us down.   

If the weather is poor, we will just hang around the [ALT] Gaming Lounge, catch up, and play games (including card games).

The ALT bar serves delicious food and drinks and they have been accommodating enough to treat us most excellently during our meet-up events, so if you can, please do buy things at the bar.  

This poll would normally have more dates on, however most of the people running the group are going to BronyCon in August so can not run a meetup that month.  

The poll is now closed. The Winning date is the July the 29th.


The Arboretum


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