Poll For Next Meetup Date (Early For Once)

I have decided to release the poll for the next meetup early for once, to give people some more time to plan for the next the meetup. This poll will close on the 9th of October at 01:00. this should give people plenty of time to get their vote in.   

This time around, the plan is to hang around at the [ALT] Gaming Lounge, to catch up with members of the group, and play games. The ALT bar serves delicious food and drinks and they have been accommodating enough to treat us most excellently during our meet-up events, so if you can, please do buy things at the bar.  

Once the poll is closed, the meet date will be decided based on which day is most popular. If the most popular date is one of the November dates, we will be hosting both the November meet and whatever the runner up in October is. This is because there is only two weekends that the Trottinghamshire Event organisers can run a October meetup.

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