Poll for the date of the January/February Trottinghamshire Meetup (NOW CLOSED)

It’s time to plan the first Trottinghamshire Meetup of the year. This time round we are going to be voting for the dates of the January and February meetups as it will make planning for future meetups easier. This poll will close on the 6th of January at Midnight.

This poll is closed. See below for results. Details of Meetup will be posted once The Orange Tree Confirms the dates picked are available.

The plan for the next meetup is to hang around The Orange Tree pub on Shakespeare Street in Nottingham and catch up with members. The Orange Tree has adequate table space for the people who enjoy playing card games during these meets, so people can play TSSSFTails of Equestria (a Pen and Paper RPG), and MLP CCG at the meetup.

It is also close to the Victoria Shopping Centre, so if anyone wants to do some shopping during the meet, you won’t have far to go.

Results of Poll


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