Voting for the Christmas (Virtual) Meetup date 🗳️.

It’s time to pick the date for the next Virtual Trottinghamshire Meetup. This poll will close on the 22th of November at midnight. Like the last time around there is also the optional question to pick dates that you don’t want to have the meetup on, to be used in case of a tie break between days.

The plan for the next meetup is to run a Virtual Meetup as an audio/video call in our Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server within the Trottingham🔈 channel, between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm (-ish).

However, because this meetup is going to be our Christmas meetup, and we would normally do something special for this meetup, we are planning on doing some group activities online.

The events we are thinking of doing for the Christmas meetup include:

If the group wants to do multiple activities at the same time,
the three extra breakout channels (Canterlot🔈,Ponyville🔈,Cloudsdale🔈) can be used for this purpose. If none of these activities take your fancy, you can just spend time socializing with the rest of the group.

As for our November Meetup this month, we had about 7 people on the call. Most of the meetup was spent catching up with other members of the group, but we did watch the most recent episode of RWBY as well.

Voting for December Meetup

Useful Links

Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server

Watch Videos Together Online


Online Games

Tabletop Simulator

Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder

Tabletop Simulator MLP CGG workshop mod link


Pony Town

Cards against Equestria

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