Voting for March’s Meetup Venue due to Booking Issues

After trying to book the most popular dates from the last meetup poll (2nd March and 23rd March) I was told by the Orange Tree that they are booked up for the whole of March. Because of this we now need to pick a new venue. This venue depending on future availability of the Orange Tree, could be the venue we have our meetups at from now on.

While we are waiting for the dust to settle, and for us to have a more consistent venue, we will be starting meetups (including the March meetup) at The Arboretum Cafe at 12 pm then moving to the venue chosen in the poll below after 1 pm.

This poll will close on 18th of February at Midnight. Please pick all the venues that you are OK with us having as a meetup venue, as depending on how the next meetup goes, the top 3 picked will be candidates for us to scout out. I’m yet to decide on which of the two dates from the last poll I’m going to pick, as this will depend on the availability at venue picked.

Venue Locations

Results Of Last Poll


Changes to this weekends meetup (2nd Of Feb)!

Poll CLOSES TOMORROW (30th of January) at midnight.

Voting is now CLOSED. Updated Event info can be found here

Sorry for this being so short notice, but I have just informed by the Orange Tree that they have had to cancel the booking for 2nd Of February meetup.

This is because the company that now owns the Orange Tree wants to hold an open eventthat involves booking out the whole pub (for a rugby match). This now means we need todecide what we want to do instead.

We could re-book for a later date in the month or go to The Lost City Adventure Golf at The Corner House. I been told by other members of our group that Adventure Golf apparently doesn’t need booking in advance, but just in case I will be trying to make a booking anyway.