Fighting is Magic – Tribute Edition tournament

Following an email discussing the viability of holding a video game tournament for Fighting is Magic at the [ALT] Video Gaming Lounge, they have agreed that they would be open to hosting the event if we pay £30 for the rental of two computer stations for 2 – 3 hours. This is a whopping 58% discount. We plan to use one of the computer stations for the purpose of practise/exhibition matches and the second computer station for the ranked matches. 

However, in order to organise the event, the [ALT] Video Gaming Lounge does need to know the date of the event. Therefore, we are putting forward our poll a little bit earlier than before, to allow people time to declare their preferred date, so we can get back to [ALT] with a date. We will maintain contact throughout to offer complete transparency to the staff there.

To cover the cost of the computer station rental, I would like to propose a £2 charge for anyone who wishes to have their name added to the roster for the tournament. This means that if 15 people enter the event, we have paid off the computers. However, any surplus money will probably either go to a prize for the winner (Food/Drink) or, for funding the next event.

Please vote on the poll below this post your preferred date and whether you would be willing to pay a small charge to enter the tournament, before the 29th of May at 1:15 am. Your feedback is valuable to us.

Poll Is Now Closed

Signed ~The Trottingham Bronies Event Organisation Team

Here Are The Results;


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