Nov 11th Write-up and Christmas Party Announcement (With Poll)!

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Yesterday’s meet took place at the Orange Tree bar in Nottingham and with a peak turnout of 12 people, we had a great time! The staff were friendly, accommodating and the food was delicious. We had plenty of space and overall the meet went pretty well.

I’m going to keep the summary brief, because at the approach to Christmas, we now need to discuss the December/Christmas meet-up. We’d like to have this at the Orange Tree again, except this time with the private room. As a result, we will be holding the poll early and it will only last a week, rather than the usual 2. This gives us time to book in advance.

Please state your availability in the poll below. The most popular date we will try to book the private room for. Please be aware that the private room is £50 for the day, so we need an idea of how many will be coming. we’d like to split the cost of this room between all attendees. With 10 attendees, that’s £5 each. For more than 10, we can go even less.

This poll closes on 11/20/2017 Monday at 1 AM.

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