Voting for September/October and November 2021 (IRL) Meetups

It’s time to pick dates for the  September/October, and November Trottinghamshire Bronies (IRL) meetups. This poll will close on the 12th of September at midnight. Like the last time around there is also the optional question to pick dates that you don’t want to have the meetup on, to be used in case of a tie break between days.

The Plan for the Upcoming Meetups

The plan for the next couple of meetups is to start at the Costa Coffee in the entrance hall of Nottingham Train Station at 12:15 PM. Then at 12:30 we will head over to The Johnson Arms via the Toton Lane tram (Getting off at Gregory Street) hopefully getting to the pub for 12:45 PM.

The Johnson Arms has adequate table space for the people who enjoy playing card games during these meets, such as TSSSF and MLP CCG. We may also be running a game of Tails of Equestria, a Pen and Paper RPG, at the meetup if we have the time.

If playing tabletop games is not your thing, there will be plenty of people with whom you can just hang out and socialise. If the group wants to, and weather permitting, there’s also the option to have the meetup in the large beer garden out the back.


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Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server

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Voting for the May/June 2021 Meetup (Virtual) Date

Voting for May/June 2021 Virtual Meetup Date

It’s time to pick the date for the next Virtual Trottinghamshire Meetup. This poll will close on the 9th of May at Midnight.
Like the last time around there is also the optional question to pick dates that you don’t want to have the meetup on, to be used in case of a tie break between days.

On a related note, our April Meetup this month had about 5 people on the call. Most of the meetup was spent watching the whole volume 8 of RWBY, while the rest of the meetup was spent chatting about:

  • Computer hardware
  • The Trottinghamshire Bronies post-lockdown plans for the Meetups.
  • And finally just catching up with other members of the group.

The plan for the next meetup is to run a Virtual Meetup as an audio/video call in our Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server within the Trottingham🔈 channel, between 12:30 pm and 5:30 pm (-ish), and keep the overall schedule as light as possible.

This way people can decide what they want to do on the day. People can even use the three extra breakout channels (Canterlot🔈,Ponyville🔈,Cloudsdale🔈) to help coordinate playing games online, and do other stuff like watching MLP:FIM or other TV shows.

Poll to pick the next meetup date.

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Trottinghamshire Bronies Discord Server

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Tabletop Simulator Games

Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Shipfic Folder

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13th Of January Meetup Write Up (Buck Train Station Fires, We have ponies)

This time around we had booked out the disco room at the The Orange Tree, so we could show a slideshow of pictures from last year along with some Brony community-made background music. This was also useful to test the sound system and projector, to see if it was any good for the 5 year anniversary special. We can confirm that it is suitable for our needs.

While the meetup was slightly complicated due to the fire at Nottingham Train Station, it didn’t stop people coming to the meetup. The meet-up peaked at a total of 12 attendees, and most of these stayed to the end.

There were plenty of things going on during this meet; from an MLP CCG game, to people just chatting. There was also a Tails Of Equestria one shot campaign, featuring characters from one of the previous campaigns.

There was talk about the Trottingham Custom Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Ship Fic deck. If you have any ideas for cards you can use this TSSSF Card Generator in order to test them out. 

Alternatively, just mention your card ideas here.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable meetup and we hope that the Orange Tree will be happy to host us on future occasions.


Trottingham Bronies – Christmas Meet Up – 02/12/2017 Write Up

Today’s meet up took place at the Orange Tree pub in central Nottingham. We were lucky enough to be able to reserve a private area of the bar that easily had enough room to host the 14 attendees of this month’s meet, marking not only a great end to the year, but also one of the best turn outs for these meet ups in this final quarter.

With delicious food and ample table space for card and other games, we feel that the reception of the Orange Tree as a potential venue for future meet ups was very positive, and we didn’t even need to pay for the private room, meaning attendees did not need charging to cover the costs.

Some points were raised about the upcoming 5th anniversary of our group’s creation (18 July 2012) and the potential to do something special for this date, but what that “something special” will consist of is still open to suggestion. If you have any ideas, please suggest them on the Facebook page or our Discord/Telegram chat rooms, links to all of which can be found in the “Contact Us” page.

We hope you all had a great time and wish you a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

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Nov 11th Write-up and Christmas Party Announcement (With Poll)!

Header Image Source:

Yesterday’s meet took place at the Orange Tree bar in Nottingham and with a peak turnout of 12 people, we had a great time! The staff were friendly, accommodating and the food was delicious. We had plenty of space and overall the meet went pretty well.

I’m going to keep the summary brief, because at the approach to Christmas, we now need to discuss the December/Christmas meet-up. We’d like to have this at the Orange Tree again, except this time with the private room. As a result, we will be holding the poll early and it will only last a week, rather than the usual 2. This gives us time to book in advance.

Please state your availability in the poll below. The most popular date we will try to book the private room for. Please be aware that the private room is £50 for the day, so we need an idea of how many will be coming. we’d like to split the cost of this room between all attendees. With 10 attendees, that’s £5 each. For more than 10, we can go even less.

This poll closes on 11/20/2017 Monday at 1 AM.

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June 10th 2017 – Fighting is Magic Tournament – Write Up

The June 10th meet-up was another great success for the Trottingham Bronies group, with 16 people in attendance, the number of people joining us at [ALT] was above average. Not only was the meet-up good in terms of attendees, but it was also the first time that the organisation team in the Trottinghamshire Bronies community tried their hand at organising a gaming tournament for the fan-made My Little Pony game: Fighting is Magic.

With the help of [ALT], who offered a generous discount on the rental of the computer stations for the day, we managed to pull off a fully fledged tournament with 8 entrants and 7 rounds of 4 bouts. 

While the beginning of the day was a bit rocky for organisation, as we didn’t really have any idea how many people would be entering the tournament, and this being our first time at this sort of thing, we did have to pull in some help from the [ALT] staff to set something up so that everyone would fight against everyone. In future, we will want to look at having people enter the tournament before the day, just to ensure we can focus on managing the layout of the matches. Despite this, we are very pleased with how it went and hope to keep on the good side of [ALT] so that we can continue doing things like this in the future.

A special congratulations to Sean Leedell for winning our tournament in a flawless 7 round win streak! 

After the Tournament had drawn to a close, the winner announced and all of the computers closed down, we retreated back to the main area of the lounge to engage in conversation, card games, video games and most importantly: Food and drink! 

It was at this point that the meet was beginning to wind down. We spent a couple more hours talking and playing together before finally deciding to call the meet to a close and take the usual group photo before we all went our separate ways for another month.

We had a great time doing the Fighting is Magic gaming tournament at [ALT], and while we won’t be doing it every month, we are going to continue to think of fun ways to include gaming and My Little Pony in our outings to the [ALT] bar. Perhaps with another fighting is magic tournament, but we may also look into organising an event to play Legends of Equestria or other fan created pony games. Provided, of course, that [ALT] are happy for us to put it on their computers.

The next meetup we are aiming to organise a picnic at the Arboretum Park, near the University of Nottingham campus. This is, of course, weather permitting. Please note that for the picnic, food would have to be brought along (or bought in town) as we wouldn’t be providing it. If you want to bring along any cakes or sweet treats to share though, you are more than welcome to!

For now though, Trottingham Bronies – Signing off!


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20th of May Meetup Photos/Write Up

The May Meetup was a bit more spread around the ALT Gaming Lounge, with different groups doing different things. Joined by friends old and new alike, our group easily filled the tables provided to us by ALT (and most likely their coffers too!) with games of Secret Shipfic, Tales of Equestria, BUCK Legacy and even a Nintendo Switch! Not only that, but many of our group brought along laptops to play Pony games and watch pony episodes. We also had a few people using some of the ALT provided games and consoles to compete with each other on.

Compared to previous meet-ups at the ALT Gaming Lounge, the May 20th meet-up may not have been the most populated – with a peak turn out of 12 people – however, that is not to say it wasn’t enjoyable. 

Joined by friends old and new alike, our group easily filled the tables provided to us by ALT (and most likely their coffers too!) with games of Secret Shipfic, Tales of Equestria, BUCK Legacy and even a Nintendo Switch! Not only that, but many of our group brought along laptops to play Pony games and watch pony episodes. We also had a few people using some of the ALT provided games and consoles to compete with each other on.

Overall, I think it is accurate to conclude that this meet-up was highly successful despite the comparably lower turnout compared to some of our previous meets. We’re now looking forward to our next meet-up, where we plan to host a Fighting is Magic gaming tournament at ALT. With any luck, this will be a lot of fun for all.

Trottingham Bronies – Signing off!

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