13th Of January Meetup Write Up (Buck Train Station Fires, We have ponies)

This time around we had booked out the disco room at the The Orange Tree, so we could show a slideshow of pictures from last year along with some Brony community-made background music. This was also useful to test the sound system and projector, to see if it was any good for the 5 year anniversary special. We can confirm that it is suitable for our needs.

While the meetup was slightly complicated due to the fire at Nottingham Train Station, it didn’t stop people coming to the meetup. The meet-up peaked at a total of 12 attendees, and most of these stayed to the end.

There were plenty of things going on during this meet; from an MLP CCG game, to people just chatting. There was also a Tails Of Equestria one shot campaign, featuring characters from one of the previous campaigns.

There was talk about the Trottingham Custom Twilight Sparkle’s Secret Ship Fic deck. If you have any ideas for cards you can use this TSSSF Card Generator in order to test them out. 

Alternatively, just mention your card ideas here.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable meetup and we hope that the Orange Tree will be happy to host us on future occasions.


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