🗳️ Voting for the date of the April 2020 Trottinghamshire Bronies Meetup.

It’s time to pick the date for the April 2020 Trottinghamshire
. This poll will close on the 16th of March at Midnight.

The April’s meetup date is being voted on ahead of the March’s meetup, as to give people who need more than a month notice of when the next meetup is going to be, more of a chance of making it to the meetup. This will also help anyone who is traveling from outside of Nottinghamshire, as it should make it easier to plan travel arrangements.

However, in order to choose the April meetup date this month I will be excluding Sundays from the poll. The reason for this that I’m attending an event in April that I know is going to be on a Sunday. However said event is in the planning stages, and I do not know which Sunday it is going to be. So as we don’t hold meetups on Sunday that often I have decided to not include Sundays this time round, rather than delay the voting.

The plan for the next Trottinghamshire meetup

The Meetup will start at 11:15 AM in the Costa Coffee within the entrance hall of Nottingham Train Station at 11:15 AM. Then, at 11:45 we will head over to The Johnston Arms via the Toton Lane tram (Getting off at Gregory Street), hopefully getting to the pub for 12 PM.

The Johnston Arms has adequate table space for the people who
enjoy playing card games during these meets, such as TSSSF and MLP CCG. If Pen and Paper RPGs are more of your thing, we will most likely be running a game of Tails of Equestria at the meetup if we have the time to.

If playing tabletop games is not your thing there will be plenty of
people who you can just hang out with and socialise. If the group wants to and the weather is good outside, we can decide to have the meetup in the large beer garden out the back.


Costa Coffee at Nottingham Train Station on Google Maps

The Johnston Arms on Google Maps

Gregory Street on Google Maps

Costa Coffee at Nottingham to The Johnston Arms

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