February (19/02/2022) & March (12/03/2022) Meetups dates Confirmation.

The voting for the dates of the next couple of upcoming meetups is now closed, and the dates have now been chosen. These dates were picked due to them being the most popular days, the least disliked days, and the days that give people the most notice.

The February meetup will be held on the 19th of February, and the March Meetup will be on the 12th of March. The details for both of these meetups will be posted in the event section of our website at a later date when the details are confirmed.

February Results

DateVotes ForVotes AgainstTotal
The 5th of February312
The 6th of February321
The 12th of February312
The 13th of February321
The 19th of February312
The 20th of February321
The 26th of February13-2
The 27th of February23-1

March Results

DateVotes ForVotes AgainstTotal
The 6th of March231
The 12th of March413
The 13th of March220
The 26th of March321
The 27th of March231

Raw Data

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