August 20th / September 17th Meetups Announcement + UKPC Pre/After meets

The voting for the dates of the next couple of upcoming meetups is now closed, and the dates have now been chosen. These dates were picked due to them being the most popular days, the least disliked days, and the days that give people the most notice.

The August meetup will be held on the Saturday 20th, and the September Meetup will be on the Saturday 17th. The details for both of these meetups will be posted in the event section of our website at a later date.

Also thanks to those people that confirmed their interest in coming to the UKPC Pre Meetup or UKPC After Meetup, this will help with booking rooms at the Playwright, as I can let them know what numbers we expect to have turned up.

August Results

The 13th of August39-6
The 14th of August45-1
The 20th of August752
The 21st of August35-2
The 28th of August45-1

September Results

The 4th of September49-5
The 17th of September918
The 18th of September945
The 24th of September651
The 25th of September38-5

UKPC Pre/After Meetup RSVPs

UKPC Pre Meets RSVP10
UKPC After Meets RSVP10

Raw Data

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