The 21st of May and the 24th of June (2023) Meetups Confirmation.

The dates for the May and June meetups have been chosen, and the voting is now closed. These dates were picked because they are the most popular days and give people the most notice.

The May meetup will be on Sunday, the 21st of May, and the June meetup will be on Saturday, the 24th of June. I will post the details of these meetups in the event section of our website at a later date.

May Results

May 14th (Sunday)3205
May 21st (Sunday)7209
May 27th (Saturday)5106
May 28th (Sunday)2204
May 29th (Bank Holiday Monday)5106

June Results

June 3rd (Saturday)3104
June 4th (Sunday)5207
June 10th (Saturday)2204
June 11th (Sunday)2305
June 24th (Saturday)8109
June 25th (Sunday)5207

Raw Results




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