Voting for November and December 2023 Meetups Dates.

It’s time to pick the dates for the November and December Trottinghamshire Bronies meetups. This poll will close at midnight on Saturday, 28th of October.

As with the last time, people can vote via the Trottinghamshire Bronies TelegramDiscord server, or Facebook page. Doing the voting this way will make picking the meetup dates quicker than the website used for polls before.

If you can’t use any of these methods, please comment on this post with which one of these days you can make:

Dates For November 

  • 4th November, Saturday
  • 5th November, Sunday
  • 18th November, Saturday
  • 19th November, Sunday
  • 25th November, Saturday
  • 26th November, Sunday

Dates For December

  • 3rd December, Sunday
  • 9th December, Saturday
  • 10th December, Sunday
  • 16th December, Saturday
  • 17th December, Sunday

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